When building this clothing line I sat down and wrote out some things that were important to me, and I wanted to somehow incorporate these traits into this brand. Faith, Loyalty and perseverance were the things I found most important to me, and that is what this brand has been built off of.

     The Jungle is represented as something everyone is going to have to face at one point in time within their lives. Everyone can enter the Jungle but not everyone wants to explore what's in it. When you come across this encounter remember these things; keep your faith -- Believe in yourself and what you're doing. The little things that don't bring instant glory is what lays the foundation for the kingdom that awaits your arrival. Remain Loyal -- Stay loyal to ones self and stand on your word. No one wants a leader they can't trust, No one wants a friend that'll tell all their secrets to the next. Lastly stay persistent -- just like keeping the faith, staying persistent plays into that. Keep working toward those goals and dreams whether people are on your side or not. You've Already fought and won battles behind the scenes that you never thought you'd over come, So why stop now? 

      We look to empower everyone who encounters our brand, whether you purchase a piece of clothing or not, to conquer all your fears in life. We encourage you to set new goals reach them and set even higher ones. We challenge you to work toward being the best version of yourself day in and day out. Step outside your comfort zone and explore the unknown. Only the strong survive in the Jungle and everyone has it in them, so put your fears aside and reap the rewards of doing so.

Founder/CEO Brandon Wellington